What are Fat dissolving injections?

An injection containing a specially designed chemical to dissolve fat by seperating the molecules down into tiny particles. The particles then pass through the lymphatic system and excreted through sweat and urine.


What product is used?

Aqualyx is the brand used in our salon. The results are good and the product is widely used throughout the aestheic/medical industry.


Is Aqualyx a medicine?

No, AQUALYX is classified as a medical device.


How does Aqualyx work?

When injected into fatty tissue, it disrupts the membrane of fat cells, leading to cell breakdown. There’s also an inflammatory response and some tissue contraction. Once hardened the cells break up and are taken away by the body and excreted.


What are the medical uses?

Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid, and is used in the body for emulsification of fats before absorption into the intestine. It is also used as an emulsifier in the food industry.


Is this vegan?

Yes, it contains no compounds from humans or animals.


Can this be used on men?

Yes, many men have fat-dissolving injections to improve their jawline, or to deal with small pockets of abdominal fat for example.


Why is it used?

Fat dissolving injections are an easy, non-invasive way to decrease this fat.

Liposuction can remove unwanted fat but not everyone wants such an invaisive treatment.


Can I use a cream to get the same result?

There are unfortunately no topical creams which are capable of giving the same level of fat loss. Though it is important to keep your skin hydrated with a good moisturiser and healthy way of eating.

What area of the face and body can be treated?

The area of fat underneath the chin (otherwise known as the submental fat/ waddle) is the most common area to treat, as it’s a troubling area with few other options for treatment. 

Other common areas would be the bra fat or small pockets of fat anywhere on the body: abdomen, below the buttocks, inner and outer thighs, hips, and upper arms. 


Is there anything that cant be treated?

This treatment is not intended for weight loss. It is for people with localised pockets of fat which are not responsive to diet or exercise. It is intended to improve and alter the contour of the body. It is important that the area treated has a good blood supply.

How does the appointment work?

It’s important that any treatment is performed after a consultation, to make sure it’s right for you. A picture will be taken of your every appointment and attached to your consultation information. Your skin is then cleaned, We then inject the area with a fine needle to introduce the product. For the best results, you’ll need between two and eight treatments, depending on the size of the area treated and desired outcome, spaced four weeks apart. Due to the formation of new collagen as a result of the inflammation of this treatment, skin tightening can occur but isnt specific to the treatment.


How should I get ready for the treatment?

Make sure you’ve allowed for enough downtime after the procedure. If you’re having the neck treated, you may wish to bring a scarf with you. Be aware that, for the best results, more than one treatment is necessary. You can be swollen and bruised in the area for up to 5 days. Not advised immediatelty before a special occassion or night out.


How can I avoid bruising?

If you’re prone to bruising, you may wish to use arnica . Swelling is going to occur, so please be prepared for this.


Do I need a check up?

Generally, no, although we’re always here if you wish to come back with any questions or concerns. If you don’t need one, you don’t have to come back. Please bear in mind that you’ll need more than one treatment for the best results. Again it is stressed that the area will be irritated, bruised, swollen and red for a few days after. This can be more intense with some people than others.


Does it hurt?

Not especially, some suggest there is a sting after a couple of minutes but this disappears by the time you are getting up off the couch. Most people report afterwards that the area looks sore; however, the vast majority of people do not report any pain.


Do you use a local anaesthetic?



Can I put makeup on afterwards?

Immediately after treatment try not to touch the area to avod any irritation or infection in the injection site. You can apply regular makeup from the next day.


When does it start to work?

The treatment begins to work immediately. However, there is a lot of swelling for the first week or so (it looks very swollen like a bullfrog for about a week or so). Some people report that their swelling does not completely disappear for a couple of weeks post treatment. This is all part of the process, and is to be anticipated. There is no way to speed up this process, and in fact this inflammation helps to give the best results, by causing tissue contraction.


Can I go to work afterwards?

You’d probably not want to return to work after this treatment, due to the swelling if treating the neck.

 Many patients have this procedure performed just before the weekend, so they have a couple of days’ downtime before returning to work. You might not feel like exercising for a week after the procedure if the neck has been treated, although in the case of other areas you may feel fine after a few days.


Can I have this treatement whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?



How often can I have fat dissolving?

No sooner than 4 weeks on the same area. If treating 2 seperate areas (e.g tummy & thighs) this can be done 2 weeks apart.


What happens when it wears off?

Fat reduction is permanent, for the fat cells are destroyed; they don’t come back. Of course, if more weight is gained, then the fatty appearance will return, but in proportion with the new shape gained.


How old should I be to have Aqualyx

For any non-surgical procedure you should be over 18. We prefer slightly older patients, to ensure you’ve had sufficient time to consider whether this treatment is for you. We can discuss other treatments in consultation if we feel you are too young. I.D may be required.


Will I look natural?

Absolutely, yes. The result of these injections are extremely natural looking, and there are no scars or puncture marks left on the skin, apart from small ones where the treatment has been applied. However, these heal quickly.


What can go wrong?

Complications with this treatment are very rare but can include bruising, pain and itching, as well as inflammatory issues which may become permanent. Adverse reactions will be discussed and seeing your doctor would be advised if in the unlikely event a severe reaction occurred.


Should I have fat disolving injections or liposuction?

Fat dissolving injections are ideal for those who don’t wish to have traditional liposuction, if the area for liposuction is too small, or if there’s a concern that the skin under the neck may be too saggy after liposuction. They’re preferable if the patient would like a non-invasive treatment.


Anything else I need to know?

Please note that you are paying for the treatment only and no guarantee is made of any outcome. Refunds cannot be given under any circumstances, as the product has been used and the service has been delivered.

Prices will vary depending on the size of the area:

Chin area        from        £150 - £190

Body areas      from        £240-£400

Fat Dissolving Injections