Decléor has been trusted by beauty professionals for over 45 years. As leaders in Aromatherapy Skincare, we are renowned for our expertise in the science of Essential and Botanical Oils to transform your skin for visible results.

We have remained true to our Professional Parisian heritage, bringing it to life with our innovative treatments and natural skincare products. Decléor’s philosophy, “Skin – Body – Mind” represents a holistic and complete approach to beauty where everything is connected and interwoven, for lasting efficacy.


Why Essential Oils?



Nature is very selective; only a small amount of plants are able to synthestise Essential Oils.

They are the plant’s natural antidote to ensure its protective, regenerative and reproductive properties.


Each essential oil has powerful properties. They are so potent they must be selected, extracted and blended with the highest level of expertise.


Each drop of essential oil has a concentration of at least 150 active molecules.

Why Decléor Essential Oils?

Our Essenitial Oils are the very best from the best bit of the plant. Here at Decléor we use the maximum authorised concentration for skincare.

Our Essential Oils are professionally blended by our expert team of Aromatherapists, Aromachologists and Dermatologists to give your skincare the professional edge.

Our Essential Oils are selected and sustainability sourced from the finest regions in the world and locally steam distilled to preserve maximum freshness.

Our Skincare Formulas are allergy-tested, with Essential Oils featuring in every one.