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Full leg                                 £45

3/4 Leg                                  £30

!/2 Leg (lower leg).              £24
1/2 leg (top leg)                    £28

Full arm                                £40
1/2 arm                                  £24
Under arm                            £15
Classic Bikini                       £15

Modern bikini.                     £22

Modern + under carriage   £32

Brazilian (landing strip)      £38

Hollywood (bare)                  £42

Buttock cheeks lower           £15

Full buttock                           £25

Back                                        £45

Chest                                       £45

Chin                                         £14
Lip                                            £11
Eyebrow                                  £14 

Nose/ear                                  £15

Centre Brow (mono brow)    £11

Full Face (exludes brows)      £35

Neck                                          £15

Important Notice:

Since covid there has been a dramatic increase in skin reactions from many treatments including waxing. This has been documented in many medical journals and something beauty experts are warning therapists about. Thinning of the skin can cause areas of skin to be grazed or more red than usual after waxing.

If you use retinol, AHA, BHA,  abrasive or exfoliating skincare please stop using this 1 week before any facial waxing treatment. This can cause the skin to become sensitive and thin. Allergic reactions can also be something that happens, this is usually very rare and often the reason for any adverse reaction is unknown. If you have had botox, fillers or any injectables please let the therapist know.

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