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Nails, Hands & Feet

Note:We DO NOT offer nail art or French polish

File & Nail varnish                       £30 / £40 with gel                                                                             removal 

File & Varnish w/ cuticle work  £34


File & Gel varnish                        £35 / £47 with gel                                                                              removal 

File & Gel w/ cuticle work.         £39

Gel removal with  treatment      £20

Acrylic/BIAB nail removal          £30  

incl. gels not applied at Ohana


Manicure with Nail Varnish.     £38 / £50 with gel                                                                              removal 

Manicure with Gel Varnish        £48 / £60  with gel                                                                              removal 


Pedicure with Nail Varnish.        £40 / £52 with gel

Pedicure with Gel Varnish.         £50 / £62 with gel                                                                             removal 

** please note that if you have had gels/biab/acrylics applied by a different salon or nail tech the cost of removal will be charged at a higher price due to the extra time this will take to remove.. Please make us aware upon booking in the notes section or call us.

If adding this to one of the above treatments it will cost £8 extra.

French Manicure
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