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Tattoo Removal


How does it work?

Pigment/ink absorbs the laser applied and heats up so rapidly that it expands due to the thermal processes too quickly and thus fractures. The smaller particles are of such a size that the body's natural defences can remove these fragments as they are foreign particles in the skin. Over several treatments the tattoo just fades away. 


How many treatments?
The amount of treatments needed will depend on a few factors colour/pigment used, age of the tattoo, size, how deep the ink was penetrated when applied. It can be as vast as 8 -10 treatments before removal. A break of 8-10 weeks, minimum, between treatment is recommended. 


You can go back to your daily routine straight away. Your skin may be red for up to 24hrs but some patients may find this can be longer and may even blister which can last up to 7 days. 

How much will it cost?  This all depends on size and colour of the tattoo. Our pricing starts at £55 for a 1inch squared black tattoo and increases per inch and colour.


Our Excelight IPL machine can offer treatments that are life changing for some people who suffer with unwanted pigmentation or Vascular lesions aswell as offering Skin rejuvenation and Permanant hair removal.


NO laser treatments can be undertaken if you have fake tan on your skin 2 weeks prior or you have been in the sun/have a tan 5 weeks prior to treatment or if you have used injectibale or tablet tanning products 3 months prior.

Before You Can Begin

  • Must be Over 18

  • Not been on a sunbed or been sunbathing in the sun 4 weeks prior

  • Not had Fake tan on the area for 2 weeks prior includes tanning moisturisers

  • Not been taking tanning tablets or injectables

  • Skin should not be tanned

  • Not Had Roaccutane for 6 months

  • Laser cannot be used on skin type 5 or 6 on the Fitzpatrick Skin chart 

  •  No Sunbeds or sun tanning the treated area for 4 weeks after treatment (area can be covered with plaster)

  • Cannot apply fake tan to the treated area 2 weeks after treatment


A full consultation will be carried out where medical details will be needed and a patch test using the laser will take place to see how the skin reacts to the treatment. 

Laser Aftercare

  • Aftercare is very important and  we will only suggest using the Light Soothe laser cream which has been clinically proven to assist in the healing process of any laser treatment. We will not advise any other cream/lotion should be applied.

  • Skin will be raised, red, slightly sting and can blister for up to a week.

  • Apply cold packs to the area to assist with the aftercare.

  • 8-12 weeks is recommended between each treatment.

  • Amount of treatments needed depends on age, colour, size of tattoo and type of ink along with your lifestyle eg alcohol intake and smoking.

  • The treatment itself is quick, a small tattoo can take a couple of minutes to treat.

  • The skin should not be in heat for 24 hours after treatment, this includes saunas, steam rooms, hot baths or showers and avoid intense activity where the skin could become hot and sweat.

  • If you reacted to having the tattoo you may find the same reaction happens upon removing your tattoo. This is your body's way of removing the ink particles. Some people can feel flu'y and some find the area can be raised for a while. 

  • Laser removal does not cause scarring so if scars are seen in the area during fading this is probably down to the tattoo artist who applied it.

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