Lash & Brows

Semi Permanent Eyebrow tattoo 

If your brows need a little added definition or you have no brows and want to lift your face giving yourself  a younger more awake look semi permanent eye brow tattoo is just what you need.

Using an advanced digital machine with a nano needle, the micro pigmentation technique creates hairline strokes creating a natural look. 

Why Semi Permanent and not permanent? Fashions & styles are changing all the time and so are you! Your hair & skin colour now and your hair & skin colour in 10 years time may be very different and you wont' want the same colour tattoo on your brows.  This is why we don't use permanent tattoo ink. 


Full set of Semi permanent Eyebrow tattoo     £275         (price includes  the 1st retouch)

6-9 Month Top Up                                                   £95

9-12 Month Top Up                                                 £120

Semi permanent brow Tattoo laser removal        

£80 per tattoo removal session (consultation & patch test 30 mins £25 required)


Henna Brows                                                          £30

Longer lasting tint on the brow hair and skin 



Lash Lift                                                                   £57 

Lasts between 6 - 8 weeks. Patch test required. Tint included.


Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions New Set                               £65.00 

Lash Extensions New Set + eyelash tint      £78.00   

Infills (every 2 weeks) 

                                           60mins ..................£35.00

Lash Removal                                                   £12.00   


Lash tint                                                            £18.00    

Brow Tint                                                          £10.00     

Eyebrow Tidy/wax                                           £12.00

Eyebrow re shape                                            £15.00

(peroxide tint patch test required minimum 24hrs prior to treatment)