Welcome to Ohana Training Academy 

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Our training academy is a relaxed yet professional learning environment open to anyone that wants to learn. We like to take a slightly different approach with our training.

When you enrol onto our beauty courses we will arrange for the theory manuals to be sent out to you so you can begin learning about your new treatment skill straight away.

The manual will contain in-depth material that you will need to learn prior to attending our academy. 

A week prior to the training day at the academy we will arrange a zoom/skype/phone call with you. The main reason we like to do this is to give you a chance to meet your tutor and also ask any question about the treatment, the training, the course, manuals….. actually anything you need to know about the day ahead. We find students are more relaxed when they arrive and a little more familiar and less nervous.

We understand that some students will be on the first part of a new career journey and will be of various ages, we want everyone to feel relaxed and ready to enjoy learning when they arrive.

The class will be on a one to one basis until mid 2021.

The Training day…

When you arrive to the academy please take the first 10 mins to have a coffee. Once everyone is settled we will begin introducing the course. This will lead into the theory (manual content) that will be refreshing what you have learnt from your manuals and providing any further more in depth information. The day will then lead into the fun practical side of things. We will guide you through skill and process of the treatment.

Students will be practising on models arranged by the training unit.

To gain the qualification, that will be insurable and accredited you will be assessed throughout the practical sessions and sit a knowledge exam a the end of the day. Please don’t panic about the word EXAM this is honestly nothing to be scared of! You will be more than prepared and you will know everything you need to, though it is very important that your knowledge is at the necessary standard in order to pass the course successfully and a minimum of 80% pass mark is acheived on the exam.

Teas/coffees will be provided throughout the day.

Once you return home from the day course we suggest you begin practising on your friends and family to really gain your skill and confidence ready to start providing your service to clients.

We have all been in that position when we have learnt something new and when we have gone to put it into precise we actually need help remembering certain aspects. So at Ohana a we encourage you to make contact with us once you begin to use your skills and will invite you to attend another zoom/skype session with us. This will allow you to ask further questions about things you are practising that you may need clarification on or areas that you have forgotten.

Our training academy is all about teaching you to succeed in your new skill set. We want you to leave feeling confident  and excited about treating your first client as well as offering a high standard of beauty therapy & hygiene.

We cannot wait to meet you and start you on your way to being a success in your new chosen business.

Course Dates

Courses run every week throughout the year - once you have emailed the training centre with your course enquiry we will contact you with the available dates for that course. Our training centre is only offering one to one training at this time. With the current Covid-19 situation we will not be offering group training until mid 2021.