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Our courses require students to learn about the treatment they have chosen to train in. A theory manual will be sent out to you prior to attending the academy for the training day.

We advise at least 3 weeks prior learning for some courses. All our courses require students to know anatomy & physiology of the treatment area, health & hygiene as well as make themselves familiar with the treatment process. 

If you feel you would like to learn a few different skills all at once please contact us and we can put together a course plan.

If you want to walk away from the training academy ready to to treat clients we strongly suggest ordering the kits we have put together. 

We have tried and tested many tools and products over the years and have also wasted lots of money doing so! 

With our kits we have chosen good quality tools (that last) and products we know work. 

Our kit costs include VAT and will set you in good stance in starting up.

Be aware that wholesalers will need to see an accredited certificate before they will allow you to shop within their stores and VAT (20%) is added at the till.

Kits will be available for you when you attend the training day.



Whats Expected?

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